VJOYCAR V70 OBD2 Gauge HUD Heads Up Display

VJOYCAR V70 OBD2 Gauge HUD Heads Up Display

VJOYCAR V70 OBD2 Gauge HUD Heads Up Display


The VJOYCAR V70 OBD2 Gauge HUD Heads Up Display is a smart modern On-Board Computer OBD Gauge, which is a new device born in 2021. It is designed to scan car engine protocol and display various engine data such as engine coolant temperature, tachometer, oil thermometer, boost, fuel consumption, fuel level, mileage, odometer, average fuel consumption, and more. Additionally, it can also scan engine faulty codes, provide alarms and clearances, and perform speedup tests. With over 100 pieces of engine data available, this device offers comprehensive insights into your car’s performance.

HUD Display

The VJOYCAR V70 OBD2 Gauge HUD features a latest HD LCD display with a size of 5.8 inches. It provides clear visibility of driving speed in both MPH or KM/H and includes a speed alarm to help avoid speeding tickets. Unlike normal HUDs that only work on cars after 2008, the VJOYCAR V70 is built to support all OBD2 protocols, including J1850/CAN/EOBD, making it compatible with most cars and some pick-up trucks on the market since 1997. Please note that for older cars, it may only display limited data, and for some special cars, it may not display any data at all. It is not compatible with trucks or pick-up trucks.

OBD Gauge

The VJOYCAR V70 OBD2 Gauge HUD is not just a display, but also a powerful OBD2 scanner and gauge. It can display various vehicle data such as speed, RPM, engine coolant temperature, odometer, engine load value, intake air temperature, voltage, EGR error, fuel level, and Fuel Rail Pressure. With around 96 PIDs available, it offers a wide range of information. However, please note that the data displayed may vary depending on the protocol compatibility and openness of each car.

Onboard Computer

The VJOYCAR V70 OBD2 Gauge HUD also functions as a smart car computer and diagnostic tool. It can display and monitor engine data, and activate alarms to alert drivers of over speed, RPM, engine coolant temperature, and voltage. Additionally, it can display the 0-1000KM speed up time. The alarm can be turned off, and the brightness of the display can be adjusted. The screen can also be rotated 180 degrees, and it offers two installation methods: standby on the dashboard or upside-down on the windshield.


The VJOYCAR V70 OBD2 Gauge HUD comes with a cable that has a type-C plug on one end and an OBD port with 16 pins on the other end. Simply plug it into your car’s OBD port, and it will automatically turn on and search for your car’s engine protocol. It will then display your car’s engine data. When the car’s ACC is turned off, the device will also turn off automatically. It offers a convenient and hassle-free installation process.


During usage, if you need any fast assistance, please don’t hesitate to let us know at any time. Additionally, in case the device doesn’t work on your car, please visit our official site VJOYCHINA to upgrade to the latest software or contact us for further assistance.