Special Edition Sanrio Otamatone – Fun Electronic Musical Toy Instrument

Special Edition Sanrio Otamatone – Fun Electronic Musical Toy Instrument

Special Edition Sanrio Otamatone – Fun Electronic Musical Toy Instrument


The Special Edition Sanrio Otamatone is a unique and innovative electronic musical toy instrument that combines cuteness and creativity. This officially licensed product by Maywa Denki is a must-have for music lovers of all ages.

Aggretsuko Sweet + Rage Set

Experience the perfect blend of sweetness and rage with the Aggretsuko Sweet + Rage set. This special edition Sanrio Otamatone features two adorable designs inspired by the popular character Aggretsuko.

With the Sweet Otamatone, you can express your softer side and create beautiful melodies. Its pastel colors and cute design will make you fall in love with this musical companion.

On the other hand, the Rage Otamatone allows you to unleash your inner rockstar. Its fierce red color and aggressive expression perfectly capture Aggretsuko’s fiery personality. Let your emotions flow through the power of music.

Fun and Easy to Play

The Sanrio Otamatone is not only adorable but also incredibly fun and easy to play. Simply press the touch-sensitive stem and slide your fingers along to create different pitches and tones. You can even adjust the volume by squeezing the cheeks of the Otamatone.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, the Otamatone offers endless possibilities for creativity and experimentation. It’s a great way to introduce music to children and a unique instrument for professionals to add to their collection.

Includes Song Sheet and English Instructions

To help you get started, the Special Edition Sanrio Otamatone comes with a song sheet and English instructions. Learn how to play popular tunes or create your own melodies with this handy guide.

With the Otamatone, you can play a wide range of musical genres, from classical to pop, jazz to rock. Let your imagination run wild and explore the endless possibilities of this fun electronic musical toy instrument.

Experience the joy of music with the Special Edition Sanrio Otamatone. Get the Aggretsuko Sweet + Rage set today and start creating beautiful melodies with this fun electronic musical toy instrument.