Remo+ DoorCam 2 – The Ultimate Over-The-Door Smart Security Camera

Remo+ DoorCam 2 – The Ultimate Over-The-Door Smart Security Camera

Remo+ DoorCam 2 – The Ultimate Over-The-Door Smart Security Camera


Welcome to the world of smart home security with the Remo+ DoorCam 2. This innovative wireless Wi-Fi camera is designed to be installed over any door, providing you with a comprehensive view of your surroundings in crystal-clear 1080p HD video. With its advanced features and easy installation, the DoorCam 2 is the perfect solution for monitoring your home or office.

Key Features

  • Full HD Video: The DoorCam 2 captures every detail with its 1080p high-definition video, ensuring that you never miss a thing.
  • Motion Sensor: Equipped with a motion sensor, the DoorCam 2 detects any movement and sends instant push notifications to your smart devices, keeping you informed at all times.
  • 2-Way Talk: Communicate with your visitors through the DoorCam 2’s full duplex audio system. Whether you’re at home or away, you can easily speak and listen to anyone at your door.
  • Alexa Enabled: Seamlessly integrate the DoorCam 2 with your Alexa-enabled devices for hands-free control and convenience.
  • No Monthly Fees: Unlike other security cameras, the DoorCam 2 does not require any monthly subscription fees. Enjoy all the features without any additional costs.
  • Free Cloud Storage: Store your recorded videos in the cloud for easy access and peace of mind. With the DoorCam 2, you’ll never have to worry about losing important footage.

Easy Installation

Setting up the DoorCam 2 is a breeze. Simply hang it over the door, and you’re good to go. With its wire-free design, you don’t have to worry about complicated wiring or drilling holes. The DoorCam 2 is ready to use in seconds, providing you with instant security and peace of mind.

Superior Network Connectivity

The DoorCam 2 ensures a stable and reliable connection with its indoor Wi-Fi and antenna. Say goodbye to weak signals and buffering videos. With the DoorCam 2, you can enjoy seamless streaming and real-time monitoring without any interruptions.


Upgrade your home security with the Remo+ DoorCam 2. With its advanced features, easy installation, and no monthly fees, it’s the perfect solution for keeping your loved ones and belongings safe. Don’t miss out on this innovative over-the-door smart security camera. Get your DoorCam 2 today!