Irovami 12 Inch Handheld Ring Light – The Perfect Tool for Live Streaming and Selfies

Irovami 12 Inch Handheld Ring Light – The Perfect Tool for Live Streaming and Selfies

Irovami 12 Inch Handheld Ring Light


The Irovami 12 Inch Handheld Ring Light is a game-changer when it comes to lighting for live streaming, selfies, and other video content creation. With its portable design and powerful features, this LED video light is perfect for both professionals and amateurs alike.

Main Features

1. Dimmable LED Light

The Irovami Ring Light offers adjustable brightness from 3200K to 5500K, allowing you to achieve the perfect lighting for any situation. Whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, this light has got you covered.

2. Built-in Battery

Say goodbye to tangled cords and limited mobility. The Irovami Ring Light comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that provides hours of continuous use. No need to worry about finding a power source or running out of battery during your live streams or photo sessions.

3. Dual Backside Handles

Designed with convenience in mind, this ring light features dual backside handles that allow for easy handheld use. You can comfortably hold the light and adjust its position to achieve the perfect angle for your shots.

4. Desktop Tripod + Ballhead Adapter

Not only can you use the Irovami Ring Light handheld, but it also comes with a desktop tripod and a ballhead adapter. This allows you to set up the light on any flat surface or attach it to a tripod for more stability.

5. Flexible Phone Holder

With the included flexible phone holder, you can easily mount your smartphone in the center of the ring light. This is perfect for live streaming, video calls, or taking stunning selfies with professional lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I adjust the brightness of the ring light?

A: Yes, the Irovami Ring Light is dimmable and allows you to adjust the brightness from 3200K to 5500K.

Q: How long does the built-in battery last?

A: The built-in battery provides hours of continuous use, depending on the brightness level. On average, it can last up to 4-6 hours on a single charge.

Q: Is the ring light compatible with all smartphones?

A: Yes, the flexible phone holder can accommodate smartphones of various sizes, making it compatible with most models.

Q: Can I use the ring light without the tripod?

A: Absolutely! The ring light is designed for handheld use, and the dual backside handles provide a comfortable grip for easy maneuverability.

Experience professional lighting wherever you go with the Irovami 12 Inch Handheld Ring Light. Whether you’re a content creator, influencer, or simply love taking great selfies, this versatile LED video light is a must-have tool. Get yours today and elevate your videos and photos to the next level!