HOHUHU 100 colours Dual Tip Art Pens – Review and Guide

HOHUHU 100 colours Dual Tip Art Pens – Review and Guide

HOHUHU 100 colours Dual Tip Art Pens – Review and Guide


The HOHUHU 100 colours Dual Tip Art Pens, also known as the HO-100B, are a fantastic set of markers designed for both kids and adults. With their dual tip feature, these pens offer a fine liner tip for precise lines and a brush tip for smooth and bold strokes. Whether you enjoy coloring books, drawing, or working on art projects, these markers are perfect for unleashing your creativity.

Main Features

Dual Tip Design

The dual tip design of the HOHUHU 100 colours Art Pens provides versatility and convenience. The fine liner tip is ideal for intricate details and outlining, while the brush tip allows for broader strokes and filling larger areas. With both tips in one pen, you can easily switch between different techniques without the need for multiple tools.

Wide Range of Colours

This set of art pens offers an impressive range of 100 vibrant colours. From bold primary shades to subtle pastels, you’ll find the perfect hue for any project. Whether you’re coloring a beautiful landscape or adding accents to a planner or calendar, these markers will bring your artwork to life.

High-Quality Ink

The ink used in the HOHUHU 100 colours Dual Tip Art Pens is of exceptional quality. It is acid-free, non-toxic, and quick-drying, ensuring that your artwork stays vibrant and smudge-free. The ink is also blendable, allowing you to create smooth gradients and stunning effects.

Durable and Long-Lasting

These art pens are built to last. The sturdy construction ensures that the tips remain intact even with frequent use. Additionally, each pen contains a generous amount of ink, providing hours of creative enjoyment before needing a refill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these markers suitable for children?

Yes, the HOHUHU 100 colours Dual Tip Art Pens are safe for children. The ink is non-toxic and conforms to safety standards. However, adult supervision is recommended for younger children.

Can I use these markers on different types of paper?

Absolutely! These markers work well on various types of paper, including coloring books, sketchbooks, and even thicker cardstock. The ink is designed to be vibrant and long-lasting on different surfaces.

How long does the ink last?

The ink in these art pens is long-lasting, providing hours of creative fun. The exact duration depends on the frequency and intensity of use. If you find yourself running low on ink, refills are available for purchase.

Can I blend the colors?

Yes, the ink in these markers is blendable. You can create beautiful gradients and blend different colors together to achieve unique effects. Experiment and let your creativity flow!


The HOHUHU 100 colours Dual Tip Art Pens are a must-have for any artist, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. With their dual tip design, wide range of colors, high-quality ink, and durability, these markers offer everything you need to bring your artwork to life. Get your hands on this versatile set and let your creativity soar!